Winn-Dixie is a great place to stock-up on weekly sale items! Winn-Dixie has the feel of a neighborhood shop, with the selection of a larger boxed store! Winn-Dixie hosts over 700 stores nationally, offers a wide selection of produce, natural, vegan, organic, and hormone-free foods, as well as hosts great buy-one-get-one-free weekly deals, where when stacked with a pair of manufacturers coupons for the same items, make for great sales!

Their website,, hosts pages to print online coupons, recipe guides, kids nutrition pages, and tips for greener living! Winn-Dixie even offers self-checkout lanes, great customer service, and a long-standing tradition of offering free lollipops to kids at every register.

The chain offers two customer rewards cards, the Customer Rewards Card and the Fuel Perks Card, both of which must be obtained in-store. The Fuel Perks Card will need further activation online as well, as it is linked to the purchases you make you will need to activate the card at home online, or on your smartphone or tablet. You can activate your Fuel Perks Card at:

The weekly sales cycle runs Wednesday to Tuesday each week, and Winn-Dixie will issue rain-checks, which last thirty days.

Here are a few tips while shopping at Winn-Dixie:

1)Winn-Dixie accepts Manufacturers Coupons, Winn-Dixie Store Coupons, Internet Coupons, Catalina Checkout Coupons, and Buy One Get One Free Coupons.

2)Coupons must have:

– a printed expiration date and are presented within that date
– a valid UPC and scan at the register
– Internet coupons that are $5 or less that have a valid UPC and scan at the register
– Internet coupons that are greater than $5 that have a valid UPC and scan at the register, will need approval.
– Manufacturer coupons for free items that have a purchase requirement

3) Winn-Dixie does not accept the following:

-Coupons that have been identified as fraudulent by the manufacturer
-Coupons that allow more than one free item (Buy One Get Two Free)
-Competitor store coupons

4) Winn-Dixie will except coupons for Make-a-Meal, Double Play or What-a-Deal promotion will only for the redemption on the MAIN item in the deal. Coupons for the free items will require store management approval.

5) Stacking coupons is permitted; stacked coupons will redeem when one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon are used on the same item.

6) Winn-Dixie offers “Cash Back,” overage towards coupons, but cannot be applied towards sales tax; WIC and SNAP transactions that include coupons which exceed the value of the coupon items are ineligible for “cash back.”

7) All coupon limits and requirements must be met.

8) Store Management can accept, deny or limit the use of coupons at their discretion.

9) Apps like Endorse, iBotta, Register Hog, and Jingit accept purchases and receipts made at Winn-Dixie stores.

-Please also note, I scan my Customer Rewards Card at the end of my purchases in order not have any coupons kicked out of the system, when stacking buy-one-get-one free deals with pairs of alike manufacturers coupons. I find this to be the easiest system to maximize savings; cashiers may push the issue and request the card at the beginning of your transaction, but politely request you scan your reward card at the end of your transaction.

-Like with all other stores, I recommend printing a copy of the Winn-Dixie Corporate Store Coupon Policy link listed below, store the policy in your coupon binder, and keep it with you whenever you shop at Winn-Dixie stores.

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