Save-A-Lot is smaller chain grocery store, that offers consumers higher quality, lower cost food option. The chain is known for cutting overhead costs by having customers bag their own groceries, emailing bi-weekly sales ads online to savings card holders, and by offering a mixture of brand and non-brand name items.

The stores website,, offers great recipe ideas, a posted section called “Feed A Family of 4 For Under 5,” which shows healthy, affordable meal ideas, has a section to sign-up for their shoppers card club, and to view their “10 items for $10.00,” weekly deals!

The store also hosts an everyday sales promotion where you can buy 5 large family packs of various meat products, ranging from roasts, hams, and chops, to breakfast and pre-packed meat sections for only 17.00, as well as 1 pound tubes of ground turkey, a healthy alternative to beef, for an everyday stock-up price of only $1.00 a roll!

Save-A-Lot also accepts coupons, and although their website is a bit vague, it states that all valid manufacturers coupons will be excepted; from personal experience I would not use internet coupons at Save-A-Lot as their systems often cannot read the bar-codes.

Like with all other stores, I recommend you visit the Save-A-Lot webpage at the link provided below, and print a copy of their offical Corporate Coupon Policy, keep it in your coupon binder, and take it with you whenever you shop at Save-A-Lot!

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