Vowell’s Fresh Market


Vowell’s Fresh Market, formerly the Piggly-Wiggly chain, is another awesome place to shop for staple items and groceries. They were one of first “self-service” grocery stores nationally, and since their opening in 1916, host over 600 stores nationally. They are a great place to buy local, farmer-grown produce. They also offer weekly Buy-One-Get-One-Free deals, double coupons up to $0.99, and offer a wide selection of discounted breads in their bakery sections! Some locations offer an in-store cafe, featuring great southern comfort breakfasts and famous pulled-pork barbeque sandwiches! As well, all stores offer excellent on-site butchers, and larger cuts of meat products which, great for stockpiling and saving!

The Vowell’s Fresh Market is very family-friendly, and offers a kids corner page, full of free offers and printable coloring book pages, as well as family-style recipes, which can seen on their former site here.

Some tips for shopping at Vowell’s Fresh Market are:

1) Vowell’s Fresh Market accepts manufacturer’s coupons that are:

– on or before the expiration date at the time of purchase.
– have a barcode that scans at the checkout.
– in compliance with the only one Manufacturer coupon per item purchased rule.
– will accept 2 coupons on Buy One Get One Free offers, with the purchase of 2 of the corresponding items.
– will not accept coupons on items not purchased.
– will not accept competitor’s coupons.
– all coupons must stipulations printed on the coupon.
– will not give cash back, or stack coupons for a single item.
– will charge all applicable state sales tax is the responsibility of the customer based on the full retail price.

2) Vowell’s Fresh Market participates in weekly Doubling Coupons, within these parameters:

– Up to 10 coupons per customer/household per day.
– Orders may not be separated to allow 10-coupon limit to be exceeded.
– Double Manufacturer coupons up to a face value of $0.99; the total value may not exceed $1.98 in value.
– Coupons will only be doubled on a maximum of 4 “like” items, which includes different flavors/varieties.
– Double coupon redemption applies only to Manufacturer coupons.

3) Vowell’s Fresh Market will accept Printable Internet Coupons, only if:

– Printable Internet Manufacturer coupons for products purchased.
– Coupons are scannable
– They will not accept “FREE” product or “cash off total order” printable Internet coupons.
– Will only accept only one printable Internet Manufacturer coupon per item purchased.
– Coupons cannot be altered in any way.

4) Vowell’s Fresh Market lists coupons on their site for UPromise, Smartsource, and Red Plum here.

5) Residents of South Carolina and Georgia can visit their site here to sign-up for a Pigs Savings card as well!

6) Vowell’s Fresh Market will issue rains-checks, which expire within thirty days of issuance.

7) With all stores, I recommend printing a copy of their corporate coupon policy here, and keeping a copy in your coupon binder to have with you while shopping there!

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