Dollar Tree


We all know the Dollar Tree! But did you know that they also accept manufacturers coupons? Pairing a coupon with an already outstanding price can make for an awesome deal, and you know how I prefer to save! Before you coupon at the Dollar Tree, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) The Types of Coupons Accepted at Dollar Tree:

-Newspaper Manufacturer Coupons: Sunday paper inserts; Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble.

-Printable Manufacturer Coupons: Coupons found online! You may use printed internet coupons, per person, per store, per day.

2) Important Rules:

-You can use a coupon that exceeds the price of the item, but unlike Walmart, you will not receive overage; if you want overage on an item, take that coupon to Walmart!

-Dollar Tree can be a great place to coupon, for because a $1.00/1 coupon makes your item FREE!

-A Buy-One-Get-One-Free Coupon can be used at the Dollar Tree.

-Remember the Dollar Tree limits shoppers to two printable coupons per transaction. If you have three different printable coupons, you must do two transactions in order to use them. The good news? Newspaper manufacturer insert coupons, or coupons companies send you in the mail, have no limits or restrictions!

-Coupons can be printed in black and white, as well as color.

-Coupons must be legible, have a clear remittance address, a scannable bar-code, a separate and distinct coupon code, valid expiration date, and cannot be photocopied!

-You must still pay applicable sales tax even with free coupon items!

-Please print a copy of the Dollar Tree’s official coupon policy, from the link provided below, and carry it with you on your trips to the Dollar Tree!

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