CVS is the second largest national drugstore chain, and operates nearly 6.800 stores in 45 states. The most important aspect of the store is its ExtraCare Rewards Card card, an in-store and online rewards program, where customers receive “Extra Bucks,” or printed coupons, that act as cash off your next purchase! CVS weekly sale cycles run Sunday to Saturday.

Here are some tips for shopping at CVS:

1) You’ll need to sign up for an ExtraCare card, at any register in-store, or online at:

-You will even be eligible for a $4 off $20 purchase coupon just for signing up online!
-The card is completely free.
-With every purchase you make at CVS, your cashier will scan your ExtraCare card, qualifying you for all the discounted pricing and weekly sales, which will prompt the register to reward you with ExtraBucks offers!
-You’ll also earn 2% back on all your CVS and purchases quarterly.

2) ExtraBucks are checkout coupons which print on the bottom of your receipt when you make a qualifying purchase, act as cash coupons, and should be given to the cashier last in any transaction; coupons should be given in the following order (first to last): store percentage-off coupons, manufacturers coupons, magic coupon machine coupons, store coupons, and then ExtraBucks.

3)ExtraBucks deals have limits, which are associated with your ExtraCare card. Even if you shop at multiple stores, you will not be allowed more than the promotional allowance.

4) It’s important to remember that the minimum purchase requirement, for the subtotal, before any coupons are used. Your card tracks and totals your purchases for you.

5)You may use ExtraBucks to pay for other items also participating in ExtraBucks promos, all other items in-store, including dairy. You can lower your out-of-pocket by rolling your ExtraBucks, into other transactions!

6)When redeeming ExtraBucks, be aware that you will forfeit any extra care savings if the items being purchased are less in value that the value of the ExtraBucks; as well ExtraBucks cannot cover the cost of applicable sales tax.

7) In every store, there will be The ExtraCare Coupon Center, otherwise known as the Magic Coupon Machine, that will print out store coupons, give out quarterly awards, and acts as a price check scanner; the machine prints out many coupons at a time and you will need to keep scanning your card until the reader indicates you are out of coupons for the day.

8) CVS offers awesome rain checks, which include the value of sales promotions, ExtraBuck values, and are without expiration dates!

9) I also recommend signing up for the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club. For every $50.00 you spend on qualifying Beauty items at CVS (pre-coupon), you will earn $5.00 ExtraBucks, which can be applied to future CVS store purchases, just like the ExtraBucks you earn from weekly promotions. You’ll also receive $3.00 ExtraBucks on your birthday (if you add your birthdate to your online profile). You can sign-up for the club at:

-Qualifying Beauty purchases include items from the following categories: Cosmetics, Ethnic Hair Care, Fragrances, Hair Accessories, Hair Appliances, Hair Care, Hair Color, Hosiery, Healthy Skin Care and Skin Care. Excludes items from Trial & Travel, gift cards and prescriptions. Some items known to not count include: Razors, shaving cream, deodorant, some men’s body wash, and sunscreen.

10) CVS also features a phone and tablet apps, which gives great coupons and deals, including free photo prints, which can be downloaded at:

11) CVS also lists both their store coupons and manufacturers coupons online as well at:

12) CVS also, as you may have guessed, accepts coupons! Their Coupon policy states:

-CVS/pharmacy does not accept expired coupons.
-CVS/pharmacy will not accept third party manufacturers’ coupons with another retailer’s logo
-Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards.
-Third Party Manufacturer coupons are issued by a third party and sales tax may be charged on pre-coupon price.
-CVS/pharmacy does not accept coupons for items not carried in our stores.
-CVS/pharmacy only accepts ExtraBucks Rewards applicable to the ExtraCare card offered at time of purchase.
-CVS/pharmacy does not currently accept coupon bar code images displayed on a Smartphone, iPhone, Droid etc.
-The total value of the coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction. Sales tax must be paid.
-Any coupon offer not covered in these guidelines may be accepted at the discretion of CVS management.

Also note:

-CVS/pharmacy will accept manufacturer coupons for an item that is on sale.
-CVS/pharmacy will not accept percent off coupons for an item that is on sale.
-CVS/pharmacy does not provide cash back in exchange for any coupons.

-As well, CVS/pharmacy allows the stacking of one manufacturer coupon and applicable CVS/pharmacy coupon(s) per item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer, and coupons can be adjusted down in value to adheres to the coupon price.

-Buy One, Get One Free Coupons can be paired with any Buy One, Get One Free promotion as long as it does not exceed the item total, and all applicable sale tax is paid!

-CVS/pharmacy accepts internet/print at home coupons that include a bar-code.

13) Apps like iBotta, Endorse, Register Hog, and Jingit accept products purchased and receipts from CVS!

14) Also worth noting, that quarterly CVS will issue a $0.99 publication, called “CVS: Reinventing Beauty,” which is generally full of useful store coupons; these magazines are located in the magazine section of each store.

15) Like with all other stores, please print a copy of the CVS Corporate Store Coupon Policy at the link provided below, keep it in your coupon binder, and bring it with you whenever you shop at CVS:

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