Wrapp: Free $6 In-Store H&M Gift Card!


Calling all Wrapp App fans! Today Wrapp, a social gift-giving app,  is offering a free $6 Gift Cards from H&M. Just go here to get started. Please note you will be required to have a valid Facebook account, and  after connecting through Facebook, you will be asked to select a fellow Facebook friend from whom you will be sending this digital gift card to. I would suggest sending it to a spouse, family member, or friends, who will be sure to reciprocate one back to you! Also, users available gift card selections, and freebies, will differ from user to user.


Wrapp App: FREE $6 H&M Gift Card!


Calling all H&M fans! Through March 9th, Wrapp app is allowing you to gift your Facebook friends lists a FREE $6 H&M Gift Card! Just go here to get started. After connecting through Facebook, choose a Facebook friend to send the gift card to; please note, you should consider giving to friends who can in return send you a card as well! Happy shopping!