Webinar Wednesdays: Free Online Digital Scrap-booking Class, From Persnickety Prints Thursday!

Calling all scrap-booking enthusiasts For this weeks Webinar Wednesdays, I wanted to let you all know about tomorrows Persnickety Prints, Free Online Digital Scrap-booking Class!

Preserving and organizing your digital photos can be a powerfully creative endeavor – if you know how to use the right tools.

  Join digital scrapbooking expert Michelle Stelling for a FREE live two-day course that will show you how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 to present your photographs in a whole new way. From working with type and graphics, to using patterns and other embellishments, Michelle will show you how to utilize all of Elements’ menus and shortcuts so you can bring your images to life.

Whether you’re an at-home crafter or professional photographer, this course will give you a whole new toolkit for editing, enhancing, and sharing your digital images.

Airs Thursday!

Please note, this webinar will be free while LIVE: March 27-28 10am-5pm

To register for this webinar, click here!


Webinar Wednesdays: Free Grant Writing Webinars!


Hello again, savvy savers! For this weeks Webinar Wednesdays, I wanted to tell you about NonprofitWebinars.com, a group which gives free grant writing, 501-C 3 training classes, and help for those looking to implement community service efforts, fundraising, or private sector fund-based trusts and endowments. This site allows users to sign-up for free 6-week classes, at a savings of $120.00, on average, per webinar, and learn about public policy, grant writing, community outreach, and how to keep records for upstart grassroot organizations, foundations, and scholarships. Click here for more information and to sign-up today! Enjoy!

Webinar Wednesdays: Drowning in Debt: How Government and Nonprofit Workers Can Earn Public Service Loan Forgiveness!

Calling all savvy-savers! Whether you’re a student, have already graduated, work as an advisor, or are concerned about student loan debt, I have a freebie for you! Today’s Wednesday Webinars is featuring  the series Drowning in Debt: How Government and Nonprofit Workers Can Earn Public Service Loan Forgiveness, which will be held on 3/27 from 3-4 pm! 

This webinar should be a great learning experience for many currently paying off student load debt! Enjoy!