Swagbucks Swag Code Travelganza: Earn Up to 20 Swag Bucks Today!

Calling all Swagbucks users! Through tonight at 6PM PST (that’s 9PM EST!), Swagbucks is hosting a Swag Code Travelganza and you can get up to 20 SB in Swag Codes alone. All Day for the Travelganza, check Swagbucks.com as well as their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blog to grab all the Swag Codes as well!


Mega Swagbucks Day!


Calling all Swag Bucks fans! It’s Mega Swag Bucks Friday, which means you will be able to earn double to triple Swagbucks just for searching the internet! This is one of my my favorite ways to earn free gift cards!

What is Swagbucks?
Swag Bucks is a search engine that offers you the chance to win cool prizes every time you do an internet search. It works like Google, as it is actually it is powered by Google!

What are Swag Bucks?
Swag Bucks are a type of virtual currency (like frequent flyer miles). The more you search the internet, the more you’ll earn. They are awarded randomly and the amounts vary. Some searches will win you $0, others will win you $10, $20, $30 or more in Swag Bucks.

REaders, if you have paid for any awesome items using Swagbucks, I’d love to hear about it!

Leave a comment and help encourage others to save!

Earn Big With Mobile Swagbucks Day!


Calling all tech-savvy, thrift friends! Today is Friday, and you know what that means (aside from awesome deals, freebies, and previews), its Mobile Swag Bucks Day!

For those who may not know, Mobile Swag Bucks Day is a day filled with Swag-Buck winning opportunities and bonuses, that give you an increased number of Swag Bucks for sharing images of your Swag Buck wins on your mobile phone!

To win, share any SB award from a mobile device, such as:

Search win from the mobile app
Answering the Daily Poll on the mobile app
Discover awards on the mobile app
Awards for watching SBTV Mobile
Awards for watching EntertaiNOW app
Redeeming a Swag Code on the mobile app

Don’t have the Swagbucks app / Is the app not available in your area? No worries! You can post your SB wins from the Swagbucks mobile site! Just take a screenshot of your win and share it on Swagbucks Facebook or Swagbucks Twitter including #MSBD and your swag name.

To find out more about this offer, click here!

Swagbucks: 6th Birthday Challenge!

Calling all Swagbucks fans! Today, Swagbucks.com is celebrating their 6th Birthday, and are offering members a chance to particiapte in their Birthday Team Challenge.  Be sure to mosey on over here,  log-in to your account, and click the Join button and you’ll then be assigned to one of 6 teams. Every time you earn Swag Bucks today, you will contribute 1-4 points to your team. All participants,  are guaranteed to get bonus Swag Bucks from the Birthday Challenge. The 1st place team wins 50 SB per member, 2nd: 30 SB, 3rd: 25 SB, 4th: 20 SB, 5th: 15 SB, & 6th: 10 SB. In order to receive your bonus, you must join a team and top earners from all team will also win bonus SB: 500 SB, 250 SB, 100 SB respectively will be awarded to the top 3 earners; bonuses will be paid March 7th.

Good luck, everyone!