Gift Closet Ideas: Dollar Tree Party Glasses!

Hello again, savvy savers! For this weeks Gift Closet Ideas, I wanted to share with you an idea for a fun, cute hostess gift, graduation gift, or a moving into your first apartment gift, Dollar Tree Stuffed Glasses!


My thought is, taking these fun, festive, themed glasses from the Dollar Tree, which I saw in birthday, animal print, girls night out, baby shower, and Spring themed prints, and fill them with samples from the mail, candy, miniature bottles of sparkling cider, also from the Dollar Tree, and the like would make an awesome single gift, or a six or perhaps eight pack boxed, or carefully basket-filled gift! How awesome would this be as a thinking of you gift, as a secret gift for a friend or co-worker, or as a small happy left in a mailbox for a neighbor?

This is such a fun, cheap gift that would surely put a smile on anyones face! These glasses can be purchased, stored, and used as inexpensive gift vessels. and what better addition to a couponers gift closet?

Here’s to giving!

Gift Closet Ideas: Recyclebank Gift Card Rewards!


Hello again, savvy savers! Today is Monday, and that brings up another post from the Gift Closet Ideas Series! This week I wanted to mention the idea of putting back actual and digital gift cards in your gift closet at home. One amazing way to do this, for free no less, is through! Recyclebank is an online website, which discussed greener living, environmental, and healthier community topics by way of games, reading articles, and signing green living petitions. In exchange for each activity, you can earn points which can be redeemed in their online gift store; each activity ranges from 10-100 points each so obtaining points and gift cards is simple, quick, and easy to do! What’s nice about this redemption store is that they often carry gift cards, which can be used for actual gifts, or stored away for later birthday, holiday, wedding, going to college, or holiday gifts, as gift card codes never expire!

What’s better is that you can also earn gift cards to Foot Locker, Star Bucks, Walmart, CVS, and other retailers as well!  This is an awesome way to start putting back free gift cards for your home Gift Closets! If you are unfamiliar with Recyclebank, or wish to sign-up for this free site, click here!



Gift Closet Ideas: Starbucks Shared Holiday Mugs!

Target deals

Calling all my gift closet dudes and divas! This morning I wanted to share another idea I have recently implemented for my own gift closet! Starbucks Shared Moments Mugs! I have found these mugs on clearance at both Target and Walmart. At my local Target, I saw a shelf display, and the mugs were priced at $2.98. At my local Walmart, the Starbucks Shared Moments Mugs, regularly priced at $9.98 a mug, are on clearance for $0.98! They are still a ton of these mugs at both of my local Walmarts, and seeing this sale made my shopping cart come to a screeching stop, in-store! These mugs, though from this past holiday season, are not numbered for any particular year, and would make excellent additions to this coming end of year holiday season. Imagine these mugs paired with all of the sample teas, coffees, and hot cocoa mix freebies from the mail, gifted together as sets for those people on your holiday list you want to give, but not break the bank in doing so for; consider teachers, educators, church members, neighbors, mail carriers, newspaper carriers, UPS and Fedex drivers, service workers, lawn care workers, door persons, managers at your favorite shops, and co-workers! Giving the gift of Starbucks, on a dime, is a no-brainer! Stock-up on these mugs while you can!

Gift Closet Ideas: Dollar Tree Spring Break Basket!

Spring Break Basket

Good morning, savvy savers! If you are anything life myself, you are always coming up with new ideas on how to pinch your pennies, and save your cents! One way I have done this over the past few years is by starting a gift closet! Sure this area does not actually have to be a closet, per se, as it would be an area, shelf, bin, or the life, but in my home, I’ve dedicated a space for this practice and I’ve found it saves me hundreds a year! When I know a birthday, holiday, anniversary, church-function, neighborhood welcoming is on the way, I check with my closet to see if I have supplies, and if I do not… my first stop is the Dollar Tree!

This brings me to today’s post! I know several young ladies going on Spring vacation is the near future, and so I wanted to put together small baskets for them, with little happies, for their trip! I was able to do so at the Dollar Tree for $10.00 per gal! Here’s how:

1) I raided my gift closet and stockpile; I had free-with-coupon tanning lotions, lip balms, bronzers, and sunscreens which I picked up for each basket!

2) I went to my craft room and took an peel-and-stick initial, for each girl, which can be place on their baskets during vacation!

3) I then went shopping! At the Dollar Tree I was able to pick up packs of Crystal light, packs of plastic cups (which I divided up), tanning mats, cellophane for wrapping the baskets, baskets themselves, reading novels, gel face masks, aloe vera gel bottles, and small battery-powered blowing fans!

4) I used samples from the mail to stock their makeup bags with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face cream, perfume, and the like!

5) I assembled the baskets, included a note (stationery also bought at the Dollar Tree), wrapped them up, and had them ready to go!

Similar baskets online can cost upwards of $75.00 to be delivered, by baskets were $10.00! You have to love a gift-closet, Dollar Tree, couponing kind of gift!




Best Buy: Logitech Wireless Laser Mouse, Only $8.99 Shipped!


Good afternoon, savvy tech savers! Today at Best Buy online, you can purchase a  Logitech M325 Wireless Laser Mouse in Purple Swirls $8.99, a savings of $21.00! As well, this item ships for free! Keep this item in mind for kid’s going off to college this fall or as a gift closet goodie! Enjoy!  

Toys ‘R Us: Dora the Explorer Backpack Only $1.50!

Calling all Dora the Explorer fans! Today on, you can pick-up a Dora the Explorer 10-inch Mini Backpack (Surf Into Adventure) for only $1.50! First things first, score a percentage back on this deal by going through Ebates or, and then score free two-day shipping by using  ShopRunner (sign up for a FREE 30 day trial of ShopRunner here). This would make a great addition for early back-to-school stockpiles, gift closets, or summer trips and vacations! Enjoy!