Beauty On A Budget: The Lady Prefers To Save’s Homemade $0.20 Oil Olay Regenerist Face Cream!


Hello again, savvy savers! Today I wanted to share with you my recipe for homemade Oil of Olay Regenerist Face Cream! I make my face cream with all natural ingredients, and can make a 2 ounce jar for around $0.20! My quest to make this product came about, as I had received a sample during a Vocal Point party, and when the product began to dwindle, I started to look up its ingredients, and came up with my own bend, as I loved the product, but not its $18.98 price tag, so much! After a weeks trial and error, I made my own blend of the cream! I purchased my essential oils on, for free using earned survey cards, my coconut oil at Sam’s Club, the vitamin E oil ans Aloe Vera Gel at the Dollar Tree.


I apply the mixture, to clean, dry skin nightly, avoiding my eyes and mouth, and making sure to apply the cream to my neck in an upward motion, starting at my collarbone, working my way to my jaw line.

Here’s how to make it:


1/4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
1 Teaspoon, or 6 capsules, of Vitamin E Oil
1 Teaspoon Jojoba oil
3 Drops Lavender Oil
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil


1) Stir the Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil together, gently.

2) Add the essential oils, one at a time.

3) Let the cream rest for 10 minutes

4) Put the cream into a baby food jar, or other small container.

5) Refrigerate the mixture.

6) The mixture will last six months in the refrigerator.

7) Enjoy!


Beauty On A Budget: Make Homemade Garnier Moisture Rescue Eye Gel, For Only $0.25!


Good morning, savvy savers! This week’s Beauty On A Budget post will involve one of my favorite products, eye gel. As I am now 31 years young, and am seemingly more in the market for eye creams, gels, pens, and spot treatments, then say a decade ago, I am always on the lookout for new ways to save on the best skin care products, and in this case, I am able to do so myself!


One of my favorite products for my eyes is the Garnier Rescue Moisture Rescue Gel, but with a price tag of $12.98 for a 1 ounce jar, this seems very steep in price! Upon closer inspection of the ingredients, I deduced that I could make my own, and through trial and error, which will last a full season, 4 months, for only $0.25!


1) Cut 1/4 of a large cucumber, which has been washed, peeled, and cubed, and blend until liquefied. Strain the mixture in a metal sieve.

2) Add to the cucumber mixture,  4 ounces aloe vera gel (purchased at my local Dollar Tree).

3) Whisk the two ingredients together, and let rest on your counter for 10 minutes.

4) Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator; I used a baby food jar. The mixture will last up to 4 months refrigerated.

5) Apply under and around the eyes before bed.

6) Enjoy!

Relaxation and Rejuvenation Sundays: $2.00 At-Home Pedicures!

Good afternoon, my frugal fashionistas! Its Sunday, and you know what that means, its Relaxation and Rejuvenation Sunday!

For today, I will be sharing with you my tips for an at-home, homemade spa pedicure treatment!

I began giving myself at-home treatments four summers ago, when my local pedicure salon changed hands, and the new rates for summer pedicures skyrocketed to sixty dollars a month! To me, that was ridiculous! I simply put my foot down and refused to pay such absorbent rates, pun intended! With that said, I can give myself a pedicure for under 2.00 a week! Here’s how:

Step 1: Remove old polish

The first step in a home pedicure is to remove any old polish from your toes. Use nail polish remover to remove any remnants of old polish. If your old polish has stained your toe nails, hydrogen peroxide left on for five minutes will remove all stains!

Step 2: Trim toenails

Use a toenail clipper to cut your nails straight across. Your toenails should not be longer than the end of your toe, to avoid ingrown toenails. After clipping, file straight across your nails, in only one direction, to avoid anu damage and weakening to your nails.

Step 3: Soak feet

Once you have trimmed your toe nails, prepare a foot bath for your home pedicure. This step is vital, as the bath is the true callus-buster! Here’s my homemade foot bath recipe:

1 Cup Buttermilk, warmed
½ Cup Sugar
7 Cups Hot water
1/4 cup, 2 ounces, epson salts
6 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Once you’ve made this recipe, place the mixture in a tub, foot bath, bucket, or the like and then place two handful of marbles in the tub. Soak your feet in the tub, making sure to roll the feet across the marbles to both massage and loosen the calluses. Soak for 20 minutes, then remove your feet and pat dry.

Step 4: Cuticle Care

After your foot bath, you need to attend to the cuticles around your toes. Using an orange stick dipped in olive oil, push your cuticles back, and remove any excess skin as needed.

Step 5: Scrub Feet

Next give yourself a refreshing spa foot scrub, using my homemade recipe below:

1/2 Cup Table Salt
2 Tablespoons melted coconut oil
2 Tablespoons Liquid soap
4 Drops Eucalyptus Oil

Mix the recipe together, and massage well into your feet using a pumice stone; I bought my stone at the Dollar Tree. Rinse well, and pat dry.

Step 6: Foot Mask

Next you will make a foot mask, using my recipe below.

1 Ripe Avocado
¼ Cup Honey
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

Mash ingredients together, apply to dry feet and wrap in a ziplock bag. Relax for 20 minutes, then rinse and pat dry.

Step 7: Paint toenails

Use nail polish remover to wipe toenails and remove any excess oils that may remain from your treatments. Nail polish does not adhere to oily nails. Packing peanuts work great as toe separators. Apply a base coat, allow to fully dry, and then apply two top coats.

Step 8: Moisturize

Mix together your own moisturizer, which can be stored for pedicure use; mix 1/2 cup coconut oil and 2 drops eucalyptus oil to make a homemade lotion. Rub lotion into your feet and enjoy!

How To Receive A Free Massage!

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Hello again, budgeted beauties! I thought I would create a post for an idea that brings a smile to my face, free massages! Upon making a few phone calls to local cosmetology schools, beauty academies, and physical therapy schools in my area, I found out that massage and natural healing student need subjects to practice massage on! How awesome is that! I was told that practice sessions tended to be during the week, generally in the late morning hours from 11am-2pm, and service depend on what school you are working with, what genre of healing is being taught, etc. What I did garner is that the average student needs women, more so than men, between the ages of 20-45, from all walks of life to receive free massages! If this interests you, call a local natural healing school in your area and see what is available! Enjoy!

Beauty On A Budget: Homemade Biore Pore Cleaning Strips!


Good morning again, my budgeting beauties! This morning, I am continuing my Beauty On A Budget Series, with a personal favorite in my own beauty arsenal, homemade Biore Pore Cleaning Strips! Making your own strips will cost for an initial $3.80 on average, which will be enough for 20 treatments; each strip will only cost $0.19, compared to $1.25 a strip for Biore!


Here’s my method:

1) To make strips, simply mix 1 tablespoon of Knox unflavored gelatin with 1 1/2 tablespoons milk; non-dairy almond, rice, or powdered milk substitutes work well also.

2) Heat your mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds, and apply to face with a paint brush or popsicle stick, on the nose, starting at the bridge and sweeping down each side.

3) Let your pore cleansing mixture dry on the skin for 30 minutes, until stiff and non-tacky to the touch.

4) Peel the gelatin strips off of your nose, starting at the two inside corners, one at a time, working towards the bridge of the nose. it off.

5) Wash your face with filtered water that has been steeped in green tea; this can be done at room temperature and done ahead of time.

6) If you elected to use a paint brush, wash out your brush, dry on paper towels, and store for use only for your face; if you opted for a popsicle stick, rinse it off and recycle the stick! Keep in mind both items can be purchased at the Dollar Tree, or using craft store coupons!

7) Enjoy!

Remember, you saw this article first on The Lady Prefers To Save.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation Sundays: At Home Salon-Style Hair Mask!


Hello again, savvy savers! As it is is Sunday I wanted to start a new weekly blog series on unwinding and finding beauty, and balance, on a budget! I’m calling it, Relaxation and Rejuvenation Sundays!

This week, in going to share with you my favorite overnight moisturizer and weekend hair mask, coconut oil! I love coconut oil. I use it for after sun care, to help remove splinters, as cuticle oil, to remove makeup, and to pamper myself on the weekends. I would say my favorite use, as I will explain below, is for a hair mask! This mask is a life-saver for curls, but will help hair of all types, ethnicities, textures, lengths, and conditions.

In starting I have very thick naturally curly hair; my curl pattern is a very tight curl as well. I would also say that I have combination-hair, as my ends are dry and my scalp seems a bit oily at times, and overwashing never seems to help matters! As any curly-girl should know, over washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner is horrible for your hair, for conditioner, in many cases has just as much if not more alcohols that that of shampoo! Several years ago, while on a missions trip, a local woman turned me on to conditioning my hair with coconut oil, and my hair has been changed forever! As well, coconut oil can be purchased at Sam’s Club for under $8.00!

hair mask

Here’s what you’ll need for a weekend hair mask:

– 1 cup Coconut Oil
– 2 teaspoons Honey
– Microwaveable Bowl
– Towel
– Tee-Shirt
– 1 Gallon Filtered Water
– Six Drops Tea Tree Oil
– Shower cap/ Clingfilm/ Plastic bag

1. Take your coconut oil and put the desired amount into a microwaveable bowl. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature.

2. Melt it in the microwave for 30 seconds until melted; the oil should not be hot, but warm.

3. Add the honey.

4. Whisk all the ingredients together.

5. Grab a towel round your shoulders.

6. Part and quarter hair into four sections, and start working the mixture into the hair, working from the tips to scalp.

7. As each section is finished, twist-up your hair and secure it with a bobby pin.

8. Wrap hair with either a shower cap, cling wrap, or grocery store sac.

9. Leave on for 30-40 mins and keep it wrapped up and covered

10. Remove your plastic cap and massage your scalp, with mixture still in for five minutes, in order to loosen any residue on the scalp.

11. Wash out mixture by pouring filter water over your hair, that has been mixed with essential oils of your choice, and work the mixture out of your hair, starting from the scalp to ends. Any residual oil will not damage your hair, and in my case, acts as a natural detangler and leave-in conditioner!

12.  I then wrap my hair in a tee-shirt, and allow it to air dry, and then scrunch-hold to style!

Also, for hair that is extra damaged, dry, or unkept, add 2 tablespoons olive oil to your mixture. This treatment, is similar to what is used in salons, without the $60.00 price tag attached. As you can see, its done wonders for my curls!



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