Candelabra Base Torpedo Bulb Review

Hello, everyone! Tonight I’m reviewing the Candelabra Base Torpedo Bulb.

Why this bulb?

  • USES LESS POWER-HUNGRY–Save electricity bill compared to traditional light bulbs. Replace a 65w traditional light bulb by a 7W LED
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE–warm white 2700K, give off a warm illumination, 600 Lumens, Triac Dimmable
  • EASY TO INSTALL–Standard candelabra shape with small screw base (E12). Dimension of this LED candelabra bulb: 107mm*35mm*35mm
  • DURABLE–Rated life span 30000 hours, reduce frequency of replacing light bulbs.
  • RELIABLE–No lead or mercury. No UV or IR. CE, ROHS, FCC compliant. CRI: >80Ra.

This bulb works well, is inexpensive, and can be sent right to your home. To find out more about this bulb, click here!



Please note, this review was made possible by a review sample. All opinions are my own. Thank you.

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