Throwback Thursdays: Homemade Slime, Only $0.20!


Good afternoon, savvy savers! For this weeks Throwback Thursday’s, I want to bring you a fun, family-friendly find from my own childhood, Slime! If you were anything like me as a child, than watching Family Double Dare was a favprite, and the best part of the show was the contestants who were systimatically slimed! Sure slime, that awesome polymer that was presented both liquid and solid statuses simultaneously, was more thatn a molecular anomaly, it was an event of epic perportuions! What was even better? When the stores began to carry this awesome gak! Oh, the dealing of a kid of the 1990’s.

But why let the 1990’s evade us one day further, when we can make out own slime, and so here is my reciupe for homemade slime! Please note, I can make slime for $0.20 a container, per child.


1/4 cup Elmer’s School White Glue
2 disposable cups
Food coloring
3 Tablespoons Water
1 Tablespoon Borax Powder
A plastic spoon


1) In your first plastic cup, add your water and Borax Powder.

2) Stir the mixture gently, then set aside.

3) In your second plastic cup, add your Elmer’s School White Glue.

4) Add the food coloring, in your color(s) of choice, to the second cup, stiring unitl mixed.

5) Now, add 1 Tablespoon of the mixture from the first cup at a time, to the second cup; the slime will instantly start forming, but allow the mixture to set-up for 30 second before playing with each batch.

6) Store slime in sandwhich bags.

7) Avoid placing slime on textured, carpeted, and porous surface.

8) Enjoy!


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