Thrifty Thursdays: April Consumer Savings!


Good afternoon, savvy savers! For this weeks Thrifty Thursdays, I wanted to share a few products which will be discounted, online and in-store, during the month of April.


1) Spring clothing: As you may know, retail stores are always ahead of the season, and typically begin receiving summer merchandise at the end of January, and though every retailer is different, the majority of clothing stores begin to mark down items once they’ve been in the store for around two months, meaning spring arrivals this month will be marked down to clearance pricing now!

2) Vacuum cleaners: Since many consumers have spring cleaning on the brain, retailers tend to run discounts and promotions on vacuum cleaners; last Spring Target put select vacuums and up to 50% off retail prices, for example.

3) Cruises: Many cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Celebrity have already begun offering deals such as kids sail free and $300 in on-board credit, in light of several disastrous cruise fiascos of late, and if you are planning ahead for a fall vacation, now if the time to cash-in on 30-40% savings on many family cruise packages this April.

4) Tennis Shoes: According to Forbes, the majority of corporate-sponsored marathons take place in April, prompting retailers to entice runners with promotions and deals. Last year, saw sports and shoe stores offering as much as 40% off running shoes, especially online; Finish Line is a great store to see such deals online.

5) Televisions: For many Americans, one of the best parts of the spring season is getting a tax refund, and according to CNN, this year’s average refund is just over $3,000! With electronics retailers desiring to seperate you from part of those hard-earned refunds, April generally sees consumers with heavy discounts of last years TV, laptop, and tv-services, such as Apple Tv and the like.
Here’s to saving!

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