Book Review: Good-bye, Bumps: Talking to What’s Bugging You, by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Saje Dyer.


Good afternoon, savvy savers! This afternoon I wanted to review another awesome book, Good-bye, Bumps!: Talking to What’s Bugging You, by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Saje Dyer.

In Good-bye, Bumps!, Saje Dyer, daughter of best-selling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, recounts her own heralding childhood condition, from which she was able to overcome a physical condition, which caused “bumps,” in a very unique, childlike, empathy-driven way. Her story teaches children important lessons in self-expression, the knowledge of self-confidence, and that overcoming affliction sometimes come about quicker, if you are willing to be vulnerable, and let other people listen to your issues.

This story will help kids understand that what matters is how they choose to think about their own body image, and not the perception other have of themselves. In addition, this story is so richly valuable, as it will remind all readers, both young and old, the belief in the future, the hope of a life without limitations, is achievable with the right amount of gusto and gumption!
Another merit to this book is its richly illustrated storyboards, which are as great a learning tool as the narrative itself.

This story is marketed towards children from the 4-10 year range, but could easily be adapted for church groups, therapists, social workers, and traditional and homeschooled settings of all ages.

This book is an awesome lesson-driven children’s book, that all children should read.

In compliance with FTC regulation, I hereby disclaim that I received a free copy of the book from the Hay House Book Nook Bloggers Program, in exchange for my review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions of this book, its author, and publisher, are that of my own.

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