Perfectly Positive: How To Prevent Coupon Envy!


Calling all my couponing dudes and divas! If you are anything like me, than from time to time you might find yourself envying the deals, steals, and bargains fellow couponers have! I call this “coupon envy.” To me, coupon envy is when you wish you had the same coupon your friend in perhaps another state, region, or area, and compiled with the fact that another person may have been able to score better deals than you were, now friends can post these deals in the land of cyberspace!


As we all know, coupons vary by region, brand, and value, and as coupons themselves vary, as should your reaction to coupon envy.

Here are a few thoughts on how to combat these little green, coupon-clipping troubles:

1) Coupon Insert Swapping: Coupon inserts in the Sunday newspapers vary across the nation; for example, double coupons under $0.99 will often have $1.00/2 coupons, while a non-doubling area may instead have a $0.55/1.  Also, areas where competition between brands is more intense tend to have higher-value coupons. Be sure to check out deals on sites, such as The Lady Prefers To Save, and then checkout online message boards, for online friends in different areas, who would be willing to swap coupons with you; you may not be able to purchase deals the day they start, but you will still be able to start symbiotic couponing relationships that will hopefully benefit you late that week, and many weeks to come. Also consider subscribing to two or three different newspapers, from different regions of the country, and have them delivered to your mailbox weekly!

2) Printable coupons:  On sites like, the coupons offered may differ slightly depending on the zip code you enter, so changing your zip code often changes the coupons offered to you; I often use 90210! Also, Redplum lists many of the same coupons online and digitally Sunday mornings after nine am that you may be able to print out and use same day as well!

3) Craigslist: I have on occasion written into the free section of cities that I knew had certain coupons, and have had kind people send me coupons, and in exchange I mailed them back postage for their trouble.; I had the person mail to my po box and not to my home address. This tip is a long shot, but has worked for me!

So couponers, do not envy anyone elses deal, as the bargains you purchase are just that yours! Take pride in your deals, your knowledge of sales cycles, and your home stockpile!

Here’s to staying positive while couponing!

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