Moustache Coffee Club: March 2014 Coffee Subscription Review!


Calling all java junkies! I have an awesome subscription review for you today from the Moustache Coffee Club!


The Moustache Coffee Club, a subscription club for gourmet, exotic, coffee, graciously sent me this package to review today, please note that this subscription is a coffee curation club. They find amazing freshly roasted, single origin coffee beans every week and ship them to our members so that they never have a stale cup of coffee.

Mustache Coffee Club ships via USPS Priority Mail in their small flat rate box. The 2-3 day shipping ensures that the means make it to you while they are still super fresh. This subscription also includes an information letter which gives you lots of details on this week’s coffee including the history of the bean.  My package included a quick information card giving you all the key details about the week’s coffee, its nodes, and tastes.

Specifics on this coffee are:

coffe1  coffee2  coffee3  coffee4  IMG_0075-300x300

The Coffee:  This week’s coffee is from Alana’s Coffee Roasting Co. an organic coffee shop, which offers fair-trade coffee sourcing, located in sunny Los Angeles, and from the reviews online, appears to be a fun, hip place to get a cup of coffee!  This week’s beans are from Antioquia, Bolivar in Columbia, and were roasted, by hand for my subscription, on 3.13.14.  The tasting notes states that my coffee has “Melon with stone fruit, with a tangy acidity;” and I can honestly attest to this being an accurate taste description.

The Cost: $17.49/week Mustache Coffee Club will have you receiving  a 12oz. bag of fresh roasted coffee beans to your door.  You’ll need to grind the beans yourself, as you would in most coffee shops, and frankly adds to the fun and novel approach to their subscription service! Also note, you can also opt for 12oz. bag deliveries every two weeks ($17.99) or a 6oz. delivery every two week ($10.99).

The Mustache Coffee Club is so confident in their service, they are offering The Lady Prefers To Save readers, their first bag of coffee free, with club membership!  You can cancel anytime, and all purchases fall under their unconditional money-back refund, or send you twice the amount of new coffee type!  What do you think of Mustache Coffee Club?

If you are interested in signing up or want to learn more, click here!

Here’s to java!

In accordance with FTC Guidelines: I hereby disclose that I received complimentary products from the company being reviewed above, in exchange for my honest opinion and review of my experience.  I was not compensated for this review. All opinions in the post are 100% my own. Individual results or experiences may vary. You can obtain more details information about the company, its products, and policies by visiting their respective websites, which will be linked above.

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