Review: March 2014 Bulu Box Fitness Subscription Box!


Calling all Subscription Box fans! Today I want to review the March Bulu Box!

Here’s my review of the March 2014  Bulu Box Fitness Box Review:

The Concept: Bulu Box, for those who may not know, Bulu Box is a monthly fitness and weight loss subscription service box. Their original Bulu Box, the companies main subscription box, which I will be reviewing today, is focused more on fitness and supplements, also noting that they have other, more personalized boxes, including the WeightLoss box that features healthy products and diet supplements. Bulu Box is a way to discover different fitness and weight loss samples that you may find useful for your personal goals and get an opportunity to purchase full-sized versions for free with your points. Also, subscribers are allowed to review each item they receive for 10 points which can be spent in their online Bulu Store!

The Cost: $10 a month, which includes shipping; my box shipped quickly and arrived in four business days, including processing.

The ProductsBulu Box sends five or more health and fitness samples. They have a regular fitness box and a weight loss box.

What I received:

IMG_28221  IMG_54751  IMG_90571

I received a well packages, orange subscription box, with matching orange tissue paper. Inside the box were seven health-related items.

IMG_02901  IMG_25471  IMG_43541

The first three items I received were the Rootology Breath Free Supplements, Tapaz 2 Go Lentil Crackers and Classic Humus dip snack, and the Smarty Pants Omega-3 Gummy supplements; all three items were awesome, and I would have to say that the Smarty Panty tasted great, as did the Tapaz 2 Go as well. The Rootology supplement went down well, but as its only a two pill sample, I cannot speak on its effectiveness.

IMG_18831  IMG_28551  IMG_99631

Also included in my box was the N.O.-Xplode drink supplement, Body Glove Surge Green Tea and Honey Protein Powder, as well as Beauty Bursts Mint Chocolate supplements; all of the above items tasted great, especially the beauty bursts, and I would definitely purchase them in a full-size form. In addition, the box came with a pamphlet on the above mentioned Rootology products, and ad advertisement for Frozen Peas products, a form of ice pack system offered on the Bulu Box Store site.


Finally, my subscription box included a handy, glossy information sheet outlining the various products, their health benefits, and retailer information.

Final Thoughts: The value of this box is awesome, in relation to the amount paid for each box; the combined value of this box is priced at $25.00, not accounting the points provided for reviewing each item online. The subscription box made my weekly battle-with-the-bulge somewhat more manageable and enjoyable. I would definitely purchase this box subscription again.

Ordering: Use coupon code BULUGAN097 to receive half-off any box!


In accordance with FTC Guidelines: I hereby disclose that I received complimentary products from the company being reviewed above, in exchange for my honest opinion and review of my experience.  I was not compensated for this review. All opinions in the post are 100% my own. Individual results or experiences may vary. You can obtain more details information about the company, its products, and policies by visiting their respective websites, which will be linked above.

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