Organizational Ideas: Hanging Dry Erase Boards!

Good morning, savvy savers! Today I wanted to bring you a simple storage and organizational idea that I use in my own home office. I use over the door hooks, from the Dollar Tree, that are priced at $0.50 each, to hang my dry erase board from my office door! I flipped my dry erase board and then hung it up! The bar on the bottom of the board also holds larger erasers in place; the erasers also do not fall with the doors being opened and closed! What’s nice about the hooks, is that they are metal, and unlike plastic are not as prone to snap-off and break, as well, they fit securely to the door without creating bulk.


Please don’t mind the mess in my office, as I am in the midst of Spring cleaning folks!

The empty space behind doors is often a underutilized treasure trove of space and utility, and in my case helps keep my blog, school work, and household activities organized!

Here’s to organizing!

One thought on “Organizational Ideas: Hanging Dry Erase Boards!

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