Gift Closet Ideas: Dollar Tree Party Glasses!

Hello again, savvy savers! For this weeks Gift Closet Ideas, I wanted to share with you an idea for a fun, cute hostess gift, graduation gift, or a moving into your first apartment gift, Dollar Tree Stuffed Glasses!


My thought is, taking these fun, festive, themed glasses from the Dollar Tree, which I saw in birthday, animal print, girls night out, baby shower, and Spring themed prints, and fill them with samples from the mail, candy, miniature bottles of sparkling cider, also from the Dollar Tree, and the like would make an awesome single gift, or a six or perhaps eight pack boxed, or carefully basket-filled gift! How awesome would this be as a thinking of you gift, as a secret gift for a friend or co-worker, or as a small happy left in a mailbox for a neighbor?

This is such a fun, cheap gift that would surely put a smile on anyones face! These glasses can be purchased, stored, and used as inexpensive gift vessels. and what better addition to a couponers gift closet?

Here’s to giving!

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