Caring Through Couponing: Help Homeless Students By Sharing Stockpiled Goods With Local Public Schools!


Calling all couponers! For this weeks Caring Through Couponing post, I wanted to discuss another great place couponed goods, especially the myriad of free items we purchase annually, that we have in excess can go to public schools homeless student initiate programs.

Did you know that the Federal Mckinney-Vento Act requires that every school district in the United States have a homeless liaison to assist with the enrollment of homeless students. Many times these liaisons also help families with things such as school supplies, personal hygiene items, and household items like laundry and dish soap. Everyday school guidance counselors, aid workers, and educators become aware as to just how many students face the atrocities of homelessness on a daily basis! As many families are helped with transitional housing and placement, many still need the toiletries, food, and clothing that couponers often have in abundance.

Everyday items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar of soap, and free sample packets of toiletries and bagged food, delivered in the mail, can help give those in need. We all especially need to help young students, by giving them the hand-up approach they need to achieve academic excellence. Also consider the needs of young ladies who may be without hygienic necessities, and so the free, small pouches of sanitary products we often receive in the mail, often coming in fun, cute accessories, are perfect donation items as well

Helping homeless students is vital. According to the National Education Association, homeless students are twice as likely to drop out of middle and high school aged academic programs, as their house counterparts; it only makes sense to note that academics would take a backseat to one’s home life and living situation, as children often feel emotionally responsible for the pitfalls of their families, parents, and siblings. Also, please remember that School district staff, especially teachers, often donate out of their own pocketbooks to help families and students such as these—pocketbooks that weren’t overflowing to begin with.

Consider calling your local school district, and finding out areas, and schools, that need your stockpiled couponed goods and freebies today!

As the African proverb states, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and in our case couponers can help raise the spirits of those children as well.

Here’s to Caring Through Couponing!




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