March Monthly Savings Checkup!


Hello again, savvy savers! Just a friendly reminder, as the end of the month is fast approaching, to be sure to preform the following Savings Checkup measures:

-Obtain a new monthly savings booklet from Walgreens.

– Check your Crowdtap accounts and make sure all sample and party reports have been submitted, all daily hits have been tapped, and all text and store missions are finished.

-Check your ibotta app to make sure any deals you were intending to buy will not expire, and that all bonus products and savings can be acquired!

-Make sure your Shopkick app is up-to-date on all store kicks!

-Be sure to submit all receipts to your Receipt Hog app!

-Be sure to claim all e-coupons from your favorite grocery chains such as Kroger, Publix, and Winn-Dixie!

-Be sure to print all video value coupons off of the Rite Aid site!

-Be sure to print all coupons before the limits change over tonight!

-Be sure to print all your needed coupons from the site and check all possible offers on their mobile app as well as Cartwheel app!

-Be sure to check the CVS Coupon Machine this afternoon, as all coupons will be expiring and a brand new set issued tomorrow!

Also please note, Rite Aid register rewards points and CVS ExtraCare Bucks points, will renew completely tonight at midnight as well; CVS will be issuing quarterly savings tomorrow morning!

I know this is quite the chore list of savings, but be assured you will be grateful to have them in the months to come!

Happy savings!

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