Book Review: Twirl: A Fresh Spin at Life, by Patsy Clairmont.


Hello again, savvy savers! This afternoon I wanted to bring you another book review. Today, I will be reviewing  Twirl: A Fresh Spin at Life, by Patsy Clairmont.

I must begin by mentioning, I had neither heard of this book nor its author prior to reading this novel. But I am glad to relate that the book, in an unusual and refreshing manner, proved to be a clever recanting of personal tales, life lessons, and humanistic ways to engage in everyday life encounters.

Clairmont shares personal stories that encourage readers to self-engage, and indulge, in the everyday joys of life, the way one laughs, the feelings associated with happiness, the sound of one’s own heartbeating, and how each moment of one’s life can be as enjoyable, as a child twirling in a field of Spring wildflowers! Clairmont also helps the reader discover how to step out of their personal boundaries, by way of redirecting the texting into a self-help moderation, is a seamless and non-dictatorial fashion, which outlines the path to personal happiness with clever, easy to follow to-do lists, pressureless quotes and passages, as well methods to help embrace the inner beauty each reader processes.

From the very first chapter, Clairmont touched my heart, with passages such as:

“I allowed a great deal of my worth to hang on other people’s opinions. And I often treated their opinions as my gospel, in that I allowed their assessments to govern my life… Sometimes growth can only be measured by where we’ve been, not by what others are doing… Remember there’s a difference between an opinion of man and a principle of God. Our more-ness is a direct result of His much-ness.” The book helped direct out mindseye to twirl, laugh, and to find a new found sense of renewal and optimism. Though this book is listed as a Christian ladies narrative, I would add that this book could easily be enjoyed  by those of all walks of life.

If you are looking for a cheerful simple way to look at the world, your world, then this is the book for you!

In compliance with FTC regulation, I hereby disclaim that I received a free copy of the book from the Book Look Review Program, in exchange for my review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions of this book, its author, and publisher, are that of my own.

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