Weekly Sweepstakes Roundup!


Good afternoon, savvy savers! Here is the weekly list of the Lady Prefers To Save’s top internet sweepstakes and giveaways:

Free Oscar Mayer Bacon-Scented Cell Phone Attachment, Enter to Win through 4/4 – (wakeupandsmellthebacon.com)

Free Libman Sponge, Enter to Win through 3/31 – (facebook.com)

Free Keri Lotion, Enter to Win through 3/31 – (facebook.com)

Free Prizes from Macy’s, Enter to Win through 3/30 – (macys.com) 

Free Reese’s, Enter to Win through 4/8 – (goreeses.com)

Free Mars Chocolate, Enter to Win through 4/27 – (mars.com)

Free Colgate Optic White Regimen, Enter to Win through 4/19 – (opticwhitestyle.com)

Free Bic Soleil Razors, Enter to Win through 4/2 – (facebook.com)

Free Sun-Maid Raisins T-shirt, Enter to Win – (facebook.com)

Free Pasta, Enter to Win through 5/4 – (facebook.com)

Free Suave Visible Glow, Enter to Win through 4/30 – (facebook.com)

Free Glutino Products, Enter to Win – (facebook.com)

Good luck, everyone!

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