Tutorial Tuesday: $3.00 Modern Art!

Tutorial Tuesday

Good evening, savvy savers! As it is Tuesday, its time for another Tutorial Tuesday, and this week I am sharing with you one of my in-home art projects! A few months ago, when I started redecorating my master bedroom, needed a series of canvases for a small built-in wall nook and so my $3.00 Modern Wall Art was born! I created this look by placing three $1.00 canvases, purchased from Joann’s with a coupon, in a 11×14 size, placing them side-by-side, placing both horizontal and vertical strips of masking tape firmly across the canvases, and then painting the canvases in a coordinating hue, which in my case was a Sherwin Williams paint sample, in caramel spice.

unnamed (4)  unnamed (5)

Once the canvases dried, I carefully removed the tape, used a white fabric pen to correct any flaws, and then hung the canvases by Velcros strips one and a half inches apart. The effect if rather neat, and in my opinion, offsets the cream-on-white colors pattern for my built-in shelving unit. I like that the look can be changed, and that the canvases are modern enough to please my husband, but neutral enough to match my more eclectic sensibilities!

Sure, this may seem simplistic for someone with one of her two degrees in Art History, but I like it just the same!

Here’s to art, for art’s sake!

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