Countdown to Christmas: $1.00 Youth Slippers!


Hello again, savvy savers! I know many people may think this title of this post seems off, but its not! I will let you in on a secret… the day to start shopping for your next years Christmas list, is the day after Christmas! That’s how I do so anyway. I shop early, spend less, and generally have my holiday shopping, including most food items, purchased by Thanksgiving! As I previously mentioned, I never spend more than $300.00 for our holidays and we generally have huge holiday celebrations, as you can see above! With this thought in mind, I am starting a new weekly series on Christmas shopping! Each week I will discuss an idea on how to prepare for the holidays on a budget, so when the big day actually arrives you will be ready to go, with a few hundred spent, instead of a few thousand!


So, for week 2 we have 274 Days To Christmas!

This week, slippers! Currently, at Sears and Kmart online, there are clearance youth slippers, in various sizes, for as low as $1.00! With warmer weather fast approaching, now is the time to snatch these slippers up, and tuck them away for the holidays! They also have adult men’s slippers, and womens slipper socks as well.  Also, for those with Save your Way Rewards points, or paypal rebates from iBotta, Receipt Hog, or Shopmium, you might be able to stock-up on these slippers for free! Also note, be sure to chose slippers with either free ship-to-store, or free pick-up options!

Homework for next week:

List the names of service people you will need to purchase for; doormen, garbage workers, technicians, delivery services, mail persons, etc.

Here’s to next week!

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