Caring Through Couponing: Feeding America Food Banks!

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Calling all couponers! For today’s Caring Through Couponing post, we will be discussing a topic very near and dear to my heart, hunger in America. According to the United Way, 1 in 6 children will go to bed hungry in this country each night, and a staggering and sobering figure for many of us to imagine! As couponers however, we have a means to aid in this ongoing and persistent struggle, our food stockpiles! As Spring is upcom up, and many couponers, like myself, are cleaning up, rotating food in our cabinets, and needing a place for soon-to-be-expired foods to go, I have a solution for you! Consider donating your dry and canned goods to the Feed America directory of local food banks nationwide!


 For those who may not know, each year the Feeding America network, of member food banks, distributes, non-profit, and church-based groups, help deliver over three billion pounds of food and grocery products to hungry and needy Americans in communities across the country. Food banks routinely handle products deemed close-to-code, out of code with extended shelf-life recommendations, off spec, discontinued, seasonal, promotional, overage, etc., and so couponed food, which is often bought in bulk, is perfect for this project!


If you are interested in donating, be sure to check out their national registry of  local food banks, to find one in your area, as well as to check out their Product Donations section, to see which foods can be accepted!

As a child, my parents often made frequent trips to food banks monthly, to help me understand the necessity of giving bank; my mother often regarded giving food to charity as “the rent we pay to God, for being able to live in his world.”  This is a tradition that I have continued in my own family as well. What’s even better is that as a couponer, we are all in an even better place to give free or nearly-free products to food banks as well!

In the words of Mother Theresa, “charity begins at home.”

Here’s to Caring Through Couponing!


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