Sunday Savings Shuffle!

Good afternoon again, savvy savers! As it is Sunday, and a normal day of respite, we as couponers still have a quick touch of work to accomplish to help our weeks run a bit more on course!

I call it the Sunday Savings Shuffle!


Why a Sunday Savings Shuffle? For me, Sunday afternoons, after service and coupon shopping, the first activity I venture into is putting on my slippers, and shuffling about the rest of my afternoon! In between getting the last of the dinner prep finished and working on laying things together for next week, I grab a cup of tea and complete my Sunday Savings Shuffle.

Picture me now, shuffling into my office… shuffle, shuffle, shuffle!

So, here’s what I do:

– Clip and organize my Sunday coupons; this means looking over my coupon binder, pulling out expired coupons to be sent to Coups For Troops, placing new coupons into the binder, and organizing any remaining match-ups not yet finished for the week.

– I check my apps; I look over my Shopmium, ibotta, SavingStar, Shopkick, and Checkout 51 app to make sure I haven’t any deals expiring, and that all receipts have been imputed for rebates.

– I impute all my receipts for Receipt Hog; remember the counter on this app renews each Sunday at 11:59 pm, EST!

– I check Winn-Dixie, Rite Aid, and Target Cartwheel apps for any digital coupons I can add to my cards for the week.

– I checkout,, and P&G online, to see if any freebie coupons have reset.

– I place all my weekly store circulars into my coupon binder, in case price-match opportunities should arise mid-week.

–  I take a quick look at my social media outlets for posted deals by manufactures; Facebook and Twitter often post deals, and Pinterest often posts deals for Disney Family Rewards.

– I verify I have put all of my My Coke Rewards caps onto my account.

– I verify with my online websites to make sure I am finished all needed tasks and requirements; I usually check on Crowdtap, ExpoTV, Recyclebank, and Jingit.

– I check out and Target’s online sample site, to see if there are any available samples.

– I check out my Bloglovin’, Youtube, and RSS Readers to see if any of my favorite blogs have any new savings for me!

– I check out Viggle and Swagbucks, to see if there are any new shows worth watching to earn points!

– Last but not least, I do a end-of-week tally in my savings system envelope.

Yes, I am aware this sounds like a lot, but I can usually accomplish all of these things in 30 minutes, minus the time it takes to organize my coupons for which I accomplish while watching a movie or such, and find it helps me greatly stay on top of sales for the week!

Here’s to saving!

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