Tips From The Man Cave: Economic Reason To Have A Gym Membership!


Guest Post, Tips From The Man Cave:

Hello again from the comfortable depths of the man cave! Time to give out a little more money savings advice from a man’s perspective.

One of the ways I help save money in our household is with a gym membership. You might ask, how can a recurring gym membership save you money?

Here’s a few reasons how:

1) Of course the main reason to join a gym is the direct benefit it does for your overall health, but what could it do for the health of your wallet? For one it could have an affect on your health insurance. Depending on your specific insurance company, there are many discounts available for be proactive about improving your health in this way.

2) Other smallers ways to get more out of you membership come from amenities many people fail to grasp for how good it really is. Showers could be used to drop your water bill and the towels if provided by the gym would be one less thing to have to run through your own machines at home. Many gyms provide saunas and even whirlpools. You really can get a lot for the relatively small amount of money you pay for your membership. Many gyms offer classes and other ways to make really get some enjoyment out of the time you set aside to improve your health.

3) Joining a gym also forces your hand a bit to get the most out of it. When you try to work out at the house you may be inclined to blow it off, but when you are paying a set amount for access to the gym it becomes harder to give in to that urge to let things slide. As much as it is about getting yourself healthier to enjoy life to the fullest it also can give you a sense of accomplishment to set a goal ans then reach it. Maybe it would be adding a few pounds to your bench press or cutting a few minutes of your run time.

4) One last thing could make a gym membership worth while; a racquetball court. The gym at the University of Southern Mississippi had several courts and I spent a good bit of my time there as a student playing friends, and losing a bit more weight with every game. I was a bit chunky in high school.

Hopefully this has at least given you a few ideas on how to get the most from a gym membership.

Wishing you good health and a healthy bottom line.

Daniel “Daddy Bear” Roberts

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