International Day of Happiness 2014!


Greetings, savvy savers! Did you know that today is International Day of Happiness? As savvy savers, what could be better than a day focused on all of the positive aspects of life, that cost us all nothing more than happiness, compassion, and empathy? Today I encourage you all to do something that makes YOU happy! Perhaps you would take a walk, work an hour on a craft or project, savor a warm cup of coffee, sing in the shower, or write a list of all the thinks that have brought happiness to your life this week. Regardless of what you do, try to find one HALF-FULL moment today, and share it with the most important person in your life, yourself!

To celebrate, in a blog-related way, be sure to head over here and join the Acts of Happiness Campaign. Just pledge to do a simple act of happiness today (like offering up a hug or kind word, helping a neighbor, holding a door) and for every pledge made, $1 will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America up to $25,000! And after you make a pledge, you’ll have the option to enter to win a 7 day Caribbean cruise for four!

Back to personal happiness…

Today I will be finding happiness by:

Walking my dogs, sitting on my patio tonight with a roaring fire in my fire pit, cooking a meal for my husband, listening to a Louis Armstrong cd, and reading a food book!

Now it’s your turn. Go and find some happiness today!

Here’s to you, and your happiness!

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