Hopster: Get High-Value Coupons for Completing Simple Media Tasks!


Calling all couponers! Today, I wanted to blog about one of my favorite coupon sites, Hopster.com!


You may be asking what exactly is Hopster? Hopster.com is an online coupon site that offers users the ability to print manufacturer coupons, when you earn Facebook and Twitter points, which can be used to gain access to higher-value coupons by taking polls, “liking” pages on Facebook, watching videos,  and learning facts. Hopster also has different types of coupons available to users, such as regular coupons which can be accessed and printed immediately (these coupons can often be “boosted” in value with Hopster points) and locked coupons, which can be unlocked by completing various tasks.


Users can earn points from the homepage, as you will see a tab that says “Earn Points” which will take you to a list of all of the current ways to earn points. Examples of earning opportunities include 50 points to follow Hopster on Twitter, 5 points to take a one-question poll and 150 points for signing up for a specific brand’s newsletter. You can also unlock coupons by “liking” a company on Facebook, signing up for their newsletter, or even submitting a review for a product.  The coupons on Hopster.com can change at any time, but past brands have included Kleenex, Huggies, Simple Green, Ella’s Kitchen, Wasa, Endust and Beanitos, just to name a few. If you don’t see your favorite brand listed, try sending them an email, as Hopster encourages users to send feedback through their site letting them know what brands you’d love to see on their site!

To get started, simply register at Hopster.com. From there you can browse current coupons and complete activities to earn points and unlock higher-value coupons. Before you begin printing coupons, you will need to download and install their coupon plugin, which will allow you to print all of the coupons found on Hopster. Once you’ve registered and downloaded the plugin, you’re ready to start boosting, unlocking and saving!

Enjoy your savings!

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