Fur-Baby Finds: Hay Toilet Paper Center Treats!


Calling all fur-baby parents! For this Thursday’s Fur-Baby Finds, I wanted to write about a favorite upcycled toy and treat for many of my own fur-babies, a Hay Toilet Paper Center Treat!

I am a fur-baby parent to many different critters, among them are a bunny, four guinea pigs, and a mouse! They were all rescued babies, and in the tradition of living a more budgeted, upcycled, organic lifestyle I have sought ways to feed and entertain my babies, including this super easy treat! I simply take the inside cardboard center, from toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and stuff them with Timothy Hay, and give them to my rabbits, guinea pigs, and mouse! They all seem to love the challenge of being able to pull out the hay, they are also able to chew both the hay and tube, and if destroyed its not a big deal! This is an awesome fur-baby find!


This treat/toy gets a two ears-up approval from my bunny, Benjamin!

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