Education Tip: Classroom Dojo!


Educational Tip: Classroom Dojo!


Hello again, savvy savers! For this weeks Classroom Tips post, I wanted to blog about a software program and integrated app, that my husband used daily in his classrooms, Classroom Dojo!

Class Dojo, is an free app for educators to help individual children, as well as an entire classes identify areas where improvement is needed in terms of classroom behavior, and setting realistic, attainable, and rewarded goals. From the Teacher’s device, both ios and Android, educators are able to set the behaviors and expectations of their individual classrooms, as dictated by school districts, faith-based curriculums, or in the homeschooling curriculums. Teachers are also able to set performance levels, for which students can be rewarded for surpassing. and goals can be based on school wide systems or areas identified by you. Progress is determined by a points system, and can be gained by academic efforts, or demoted by poor behaviors in the classroom. Teachers can also give live- feedback to parents as well.


What’s really neat about this app is that parents can sign-up for accounts and have the live feed of students performance, feedback, and behaviors sent to their own phones and devices, as their app feeds or as text messages. Gone are the days of delayed progress reports and notes being sent home! The app also allows parents and teachers to schedule digital parent and teacher conferences, via the app as well! Students are also allowed to create accounts, for which both parents and teachers can leave feedback, as well as both positive or constructive criticism for them as well!

Class Dojo 3

Here are my assessment of the app.

Pros: ClassDojo provides real-time feedback for students on how they’re meeting classroom expectations and includes an easy way for teachers to share this data with parents.

Cons: The effectiveness of the tool for learning depends on how it is used; proactive parenting makes for a better user experience.

Engagement: Bright colors, fun avatars, and associated sounds for earning and losing points, ClassDojo appeals to the senses of elementary-age children, and fun themes make middle-school aged kids feel engaged as well.

Support: The website includes FAQs and examples of how the tool can be used, as well as an informational video for students.

My husband gives high praise for this app, and software, and I would encourage you all to check this out as well! Click here to find out more!

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