Affordable Cleaning Solutions: Save $48.68 A Year With Homemade Orange-Infused Glass Cleaner!


Good morning, savvy savers! For Thursdays Cleaning Solutions post, I wanted to share with you my recipe for Homemade Orange Glass Cleaning Cleaner! With the outrageous cost of commercial glass cleaners, I created an organic, non-toxic, child and pet-safe all purpose cleaner which can be for under $5.00 for a years worth of cleaner! As the average cost of a bottle of store-bought orange cleaner is 3.89, and I use a bottle of spray a month, that’s a savings of $48.68 a year! Here’s how to make this!


1 Clean, dried mason jar
The peels of 3 oranges
2 Cups Distilled, white vinegar
1 Empty Bottle
1 Funnel
1 Plastic Bowl
1 Sifter

To start:

1) Obtain a clean mason jar, and fill it with 16 ounces, 4 cups, of distilled white vinegar.

2) Place the peel of three oranges in the mason jar with the vinegar.

3) Secure the cap and ring on the mason jar.

4) Store the jar in a cool, dry place for 14 days.

5) On the 15th day, open the jar and strain the contents into a sifter, over a plastic bowl.

6) Return the solution to the mason jar with a funnel; label your jar as cleaning concentrate.

7) Open a spray bottle and add 1/4 cup of the solution, 2 ounces, to 5 cups water.

8) Seal the bottle and shake gently.

9) Use in conjunction with newspaper to clean most glass surfaces, including counters.


Please note, that this is the cleaner I also use daily to clean off the counters in my own kitchen, on the cabinets, and around the baseboards! This is also the cleaner I use when completeing many of the daily challanges on and their Organizing Challanges!

This is an awesome cleaner!

Enjoy the clean!

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