How To Receive A Free Massage!

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Hello again, budgeted beauties! I thought I would create a post for an idea that brings a smile to my face, free massages! Upon making a few phone calls to local cosmetology schools, beauty academies, and physical therapy schools in my area, I found out that massage and natural healing student need subjects to practice massage on! How awesome is that! I was told that practice sessions tended to be during the week, generally in the late morning hours from 11am-2pm, and service depend on what school you are working with, what genre of healing is being taught, etc. What I did garner is that the average student needs women, more so than men, between the ages of 20-45, from all walks of life to receive free massages! If this interests you, call a local natural healing school in your area and see what is available! Enjoy!

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