Big Picture Class: Free 10-Page Get Artsy Handout!


Calling all Big Picture Class fans! Are you a fan of the masters, Rembrandt, van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Cezanne, Michelangelo, Degas, Warhol…the list could go on and on. Their works of art are breathtaking, amazing, and priceless, and yet each one began the same way—with a blank canvas and a bit of paint.

unnamed (9)

What memories can you create with some of the same tools? Well, Big Picture Class is soon to be conducting a class on just that, with
Instructor Mou Saha will help you unlock the magic of paint brushes, palette knives, paints, inks, and more in her upcoming class, Get Artsy: Applying mixed media techniques to scrapbook pages.

Want a sneak peek into Get Artsy? Download this free 10-page PDF handout—just one of 12 helpful handouts available throughout class.

Whether or not you chose to take the course, this is an awesome freebie for your art and crafting arsenal!


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