Tutorial Tuesday: Homemade Swiffer Clothes and Solution!


Calling all my frugality friends! Today is Tutorial Tuesday, and today I am explaining to you how I make homemade Swiffer Clothes and Solution! It costs $0.15 for me to clean all the floors in my home, each time I use this method. I initially spent $3.00 for all of the ingredients!

Check this out:

How to make Homemade Swiffer Solution:

1. Pour 4 cups of hot water into a bucket.
2. Add 1 cup of lemon juice; instant lemon juice via, a bottle will work as well.
3. Add 3 cups of vinegar to the bucket.
4. Add in 1/4 cup of liquid dish soap; I use Dawn Hand Renewal as I had purchased it with coupons.
5. Mix thoroughly and pour mixture into a recycled Swiffer container; let mixture settle for 1 hour. This can also be used for Swiffer Wet Jet Refills as well.

Homemade Swiffer Pads:

Just cut a microfiber cloth from the Dollar Tree into four pieces, allowing 1 1/2 inches of overlap on the longer sides so you can tuck the ends of the cloth into the Swiffer mop cloth holder, just as you would a swiffer. The clothes are machine washable, reusable, and do not absorb odors.

How to use these together? The night before I am to use the clothes, I place a clean cloth into the solution, seal the package, and squeeze out any excess before use; if I am using a wet jet cartridge, I would simply fill the reservoir with liquid, and mop as normal.

This solution works well on all flooring in my home; ceramic, tile, hardwoods, and even doubles as a carpet cleaning solution!

Swiffer cleaning, on a shoestring budget. Yes, that’s how I like to do it! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday: Homemade Swiffer Clothes and Solution!

  1. Maybe you have a suggestion on how to open the wet jet container. To date I haven,t figured it out. Thank you in advance and for the reciepe

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