*NEW SUBSCRIPTION BOX* ORANGE GLAD: Unboxing, Review, & Subscription Information!

Orange Glad Sweet Treats Subscription Box Review:


Good afternoon, savvy savers! Are you a chocoholic? Are you a devout dessertarian? Are you always on the hunt for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Have you dreamed of the day when your favorite treats and snacks, the ones that fill your cookie-craving dreams, would come by way of a subscription service chocked-full of delectable treats? Orange Glad is here to save the day! Orange Glad, a company started by a group of friends determined to showcase to the public gourmet treats and snacks, from small premium brands, which would be delivered monthly right to your doorstep, is quickly becoming a sensation among dessert lovers nationwide.


About Orange Glad: Straight from their website, they describe their services as, “We do all the work to discover great sweet shops around the nation and deliver them right to your door. From our marketplace to our Sweet Box subscriptions, give yourself or a loved one a sweet treat. Everyone deserves something sweet every now and then!”

The Logistics: For $15/month + $6.95 S&H, subscribers will receive a carefully selected box of sweets, from gourmet brands and small bakeries. The Orange Glad team cultivates relationships with great upcoming sweet shops around the nation, and delivers these treats right to your door. All you have to do is eat and enjoy. Give yourself, friends, or loved ones, a much needed gift every month!

The Experience:


The Packaging: I was very impressed with the packaging. The box, despite its compact size, was sturdy, well proportioned, and gave explicit delivery instructions for shipping carriers.


The Interior: Inside of the box featured tissue paper and a product seal, in the company’s signature orange color, which acted as a safety measure, and added a touch of panache, which was  a very classy touch.

The Informational Sheet: I received the signature March subscription box, which contained a glossy, fact-filled sheet about the treats within my box.


The Products: My March Subscription box came filled with five treats, as seen below.


The First Treat: Cookies con Amore, which are Italian Jelly-Filled Cookies. These delicious buttery cookies, double-stacked, and filled with a rich berry filling, finished in confectioners sugar. The cookies were light, non-greasy, and had a pleasant berry aftertaste, which would pair well with English and Indian teas. I found that the two-cookie pack was an adequate serving size for one person.
Overall Rating: 5/5
Would I Purchase this treat: Yes


The Second Treat: Olamola Confectionary Hazelnut Orange Meringue Kisses. These  kisses were small delectable bits of  gluten-free happiness! The kisses were light, nutty, and left the palate with a light chocolate taste, which was lasting and delicious. I would pair these kisses with a blonde or medium-roast coffee blend. I found the pack of six kisses to be an adequate serving size for one person.
Overall Rating: 4/5
Would I Purchase this treat: Yes


The Third Treat: Donsuemor French Almond Cakes. These “Donsuemor signature” cakes were soft, moist, delicate, well-balanced treats that presented the palate with a rich nutty, buttery, flaky texture! These were my favorite treats, and greatly reminded me of the cakes I would often find in the confectionary shops I saw in Paris, while studying at university. These cake are so full of flavor, they alone would be worth the price of the subscription. I would pair these cakes with a blonde or medium-roast coffee blend. I found that the cake were an adequate serving size for one person.
Overall Rating: 5/5
Would I Purchase this treat: Yes


The Forth Treat: Posh Pantry Blueberry Swirl Cake. This pound cake-like pastry is jampacked with fresh blueberries, loaded with almond slivers, and topped with a warm, inviting vanilla drizzle. This cake  was ultra moist, delicate, well-balanced, and tickled my taste buds with nodes of almond and butter. These treats presented the palate with a rich, nutty, buttery, flaky texture. I would pair this cake with a tall, cold glass of almond milk! The cake has a thick consistency, and so I found that cake was an adequate serving size for one person, if consumed in two separate sittings.
Overall Rating: 4/5
Would I Purchase this treat: Yes


The Fifth Treat: Cornology C squared Popcorn. This popcorn is a well paired balance of cheddar and caramel-drizzled popcorn.  The idea of sweet and savory together was genius in my mouth, and was consumed rather quickly. The popcorn tasted freshly popped, and was delicious all around. I also enjoy the look of the clear cellophane cone packaging, enjoyed reading the ingredient lists on the back panel, but found the manufacturer listing Facebook and Twitter symbols on the bottom of the cone, a bit cheeky for my taste. I would pair this popcorn with a hard cider, or perhaps an ice-cold cream soda. I found that the serving-size was adequate as well.
Overall Rating: 4/5
Would I Purchase this treat: Yes


Last Thoughts: What’s just as nice as the treats, the packaging, and the delivery? The fact that the bottom of the box comes with a pre-fab form asking subscribers, “Life is sweet when…,” and of course for me, and for the purposes of this review, is to say that Orange Glad rocks! I am greatly impressed with this service and would certainly purchase the subscription for myself.

What’s better than this? Well, the folks at Orange Glad have graciously offered my readers their first box for $10 (including shipping), when they subscribe to a 1 or 3 month gift plan, or any 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months subscription plans, with promotional code FIRST 10. 

The Orange Glad box, that’s just sweet!

In accordance with FTC Guidelines: I hereby disclose that I received complimentary products from the company being reviewed above, in exchange for my honest opinion and review of my experience.  I was not compensated for this review. All opinions in the post are 100% my own. Individual results or experiences may vary. You can obtain more details information about the company, its products, and policies by visiting their respective websites, which will be linked above.

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