Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 400 Bonus Points for Entering 4 Product Codes & St. Patrick’s Day Bonus Code!


Calling all Kellogg’s Family Rewards members! Just a reminder, that starting today, when you enter 4 product codes, you’ll receive 400 BONUS points! So if you have a few Kellogg’s products in your pantry, a few boxes of cereal in the back of the stockpile, now is the time to redeem those points!

Also, right now you can enter code FOURLEAFCLOVER25 to score 25 FREE Points! This code is valid through 3/24.

Not sure what Kellogg’s Family Rewards is? It’s a new program from Kellogg’s that allows you to redeem points in for high value coupons, free products, toys, magazine subscriptions and more. Enter code JOINKELLOGG2SAVE to score 50 free points when you register! Be aware that this is a free program, and if you are interested in starting an account, go here to join.

Enjoy your savings!

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