Gift Closet Ideas: Starbucks Shared Holiday Mugs!

Target deals

Calling all my gift closet dudes and divas! This morning I wanted to share another idea I have recently implemented for my own gift closet! Starbucks Shared Moments Mugs! I have found these mugs on clearance at both Target and Walmart. At my local Target, I saw a shelf display, and the mugs were priced at $2.98. At my local Walmart, the Starbucks Shared Moments Mugs, regularly priced at $9.98 a mug, are on clearance for $0.98! They are still a ton of these mugs at both of my local Walmarts, and seeing this sale made my shopping cart come to a screeching stop, in-store! These mugs, though from this past holiday season, are not numbered for any particular year, and would make excellent additions to this coming end of year holiday season. Imagine these mugs paired with all of the sample teas, coffees, and hot cocoa mix freebies from the mail, gifted together as sets for those people on your holiday list you want to give, but not break the bank in doing so for; consider teachers, educators, church members, neighbors, mail carriers, newspaper carriers, UPS and Fedex drivers, service workers, lawn care workers, door persons, managers at your favorite shops, and co-workers! Giving the gift of Starbucks, on a dime, is a no-brainer! Stock-up on these mugs while you can!

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