Product Reviews: New Bi-Weekly Piece Coming To The Lady Prefers To Save!


Hello again, my savvy savers! I wanted to let you all know that starting next week, I will be starting to review products on my blog. With this stated, I wanted to list a formal disclosure policy for this blog:

Affiliate Relationship Disclosure & Disclaimer:

First, my top goal is to blog about awesome, affordable, and easily-obtainable money-saving deals that will help make the lives of my readers, and their friends and families lives, better in some way. To accomplish this goal, I will thoroughly research and validate any and all deals and offerings listed on my site, for promotion or review. Please note, some deals or service products, from outside merchants, may have have affiliate programs from which I am a member. If I find a product or service, which I believe is a “great savings or deal,”  for you, I will blog or post about these deals, without reservation, as I believe to the best of my ability I have no issue referring you to the product or service for which I would provide an affiliate link, as I feel this product is something I myself would use, purchase, or subscribe for my own home or family. TheLadyPrefersToSave, in a future time, may also allow third-party merchants to place text links, graphic buttons and/or banner ads on this website. I might get paid a commission if you use the link and/or buy the product. There may also be occasions for which I receive reward points, free samples, or other incentives. Whether you use the link or buy the product is entirely up to you, your budget, and your discretion. As always, I warmly welcome your comments on any deal, and appreciate the time you spend on TheLadyPrefersToSave.

Misty Nicole Overstreet-Roberts


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