Stockpiling Tip: Pegboards!


Calling all my fellow couponing stockpilers! Here is a great tip for those of you with existing stockpiles, or those looking to start, I would like to suggest pegboards! I currently have my stockpile in part of my basement and as of last year, had pegboards installed, and it has made all the world in my stockpiling! What’s even better is that I was able to buy hooks online from Amazon here, for for free using survey-earned Amazon cards!


I am able to categorize my purchases, see what quantities I have, and I honestly like the look of the design; pegboards make me feel like I am shopping from my own home this way!


Pegboards are reasonable in price, ranging from $10-$15.00 for a sheet that measures 36″x 48″ at my local Lowe’s!


This is a great idea, and one I hope you all will consider using!

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