Budget-Friendly Kids Educational Tip: Khan Academy App!

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Today, I wanted to bring to you a great free educational enrichment tool, the Khan Academy ios app! Khan Academy, and its subsequent website and app, was initially based on a free website which is comprised thousands of educational videos aimed at self-paced instruction. Although this programs method of teaching is mostly math-based, Khan Academy offers tutorials on a wide range of other subjects as well including history, art, language arts, spelling, science, and physics. Kids can use the site, and app, to add with school assignments, by grade level or area difficulty, as well as general test prep. As well, kids just might want to explore the app and site for their own enjoyment. As well, if math is an area your kids need work on, the apps math concepts tab, which features fun skill-training from upper-elementary through Undergraduate assessments, offers an unlimited number of practice exercises, organized by topic, with instant feedback and progress data. Please note, the app is also awesome for kids who need procedural help, rather than conceptual understanding; the website offers more conceptual organization methods. The site also features SAT test prep as well!


In order to use the program, parents must sign-up with an email address or Facebook account. Once logged in, kids can monitor their progress on a personal dashboard; the dashboard achievements can also be sent to their parents as well! Also worth mentioning is the apps videos are very engaging as well. Users can rate the pace of each video, leave comments, and ask and answer content-related questions.

This is an awesome educational freebie, and if you would like to check the app out, click here, and if you wish to visit the site, click here! Enjoy!

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