Book Review: Fern Valley by Aileen Stewart


Good afternoon, savvy savers! Today I wanted to start my bi-weekly book review column with a darling new book I was recently able to read, Fern Valley by Aileen Stewart. In full disclosure, I want to state that I was provided a copy of this book by the author herself, and am reviewing this book without compensation for my blog.

Review by Misty Overstreet-Roberts, Blogger at

I found Aileen’s book, Fern Valley, to be a well-written, witty, cleverly-optimistic, and charming collection of short tales, that I am certain will appeal to young readers of all ages, especially for  children who are starting to fully blossom into a love of reading. Aileen rhythmical writing stylings allows her to describing even the smallest detail of her short stories, in such a way as to leave the reader the ability to actually feel the tangibility of her stories. Each story held my interest. built upon one story to the next, and reverted my reading sensibilities to that of a wide-eyed, curly haired young girl eager to turn the next page. Not only were her stories captivating and articulate, they also drove home valuable life-lessons in easy, relatable, and obtainable fashionings.  This book is an amazing read-along book.

For me, Aileen’s stories are written in the style very reminiscent of Aesop, and are sure to capture the true nature of every child reading through the books humble pages. There are so many characters that captivate this charming collective, such as Roberta and Mildred Cornstalk, Kimmy Curlytail the pig, and others, who tell children of the path to being not only a better readers, but better person as well. Fern Valley’s twelve masterfully crafted twelve short stories, are designed to be read in a single sitting, but are so engrossing that they could be read in small intervals to elongate children with short attention spans, as well.

For a book designed for children, I felt myself completely engrossed in its 138 magnificent pages, and would surely read this books to my own children again and again. Let this book stand to reason that children do not need to be desensitized to life via a television, but can agains regain their own lively personhoods through this books charming, witty stories!

This book is a must have for every elementary-aged child’s reading shelf.

My hat’s off to you, Ms. Stewart!

(Photo Credit, Goodreads)

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