Positively Passionate: Celebrities Who Coupon!


Attention savvy savers! Each Wednesday, I will be showcasing the Positively Passionate aspects of saving, couponing, stockpiling, and budgeting! This week, I wanted to point out the growing trend for the American celebrity, couponing! According to Coupons.com, the following celebrities not only like to pinch pennies, they are positively passionate about savings, as they are all avid couponers, and topped the sites best-known couponing list for 2013:

1) Sarah Michelle Gellar – Has stated that “I clip coupons all the time. Why should you pay more for something that someone else is paying less for?”
2) Manny Delgado – Is a super saver in real life, but his Modern Family TV counterpart Manny Delgado recently took the blame when his dog fell in the pool and said, “I got caught up in my couponing.”
3) Halle Berry – Describes herself as “pretty frugal.”
4) Hilary Swank – She was quoted as saying that coupons are “a dollar in my pocket.”
5) Roy Hibbert – The NBA star says he tries to live modestly, clipping coupons and looking for deals when dining out. “Going to restaurants, I make sure if I have a coupon, I use it.”
6) Kourtney Kardashian – A recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York showed that the oldest of the three reality show sisters had taken up a new hobby, couponing!
7) Renee Zellweger – The star says, “I was raised in a household where we were very frugal.”
8) Tim Hasselbeck –Tim’s wife, and co-host of The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck proudly admits that she “married a coupon guy,” and is thankful for that.
9) Caroline Channing – Former rich girl, and one of CBS’s 2 Broke Girls, Caroline Channing went from coupon snob to coupon convert in a recent episode.
10) Nicole Scherzinger – The ex-X Factor judge and lead Pussycat Doll isn’t afraid to cop to the occasional splurge but says she makes up for them by always hunting for the best bargains at the grocery store.

Here’s to knowing that celebrities coupon, just like us!

(Information Credit, Coupons.com)

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