Men’s Fitness App Review & Reader Giveaway!

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Hello, savvy savers! Today I wanted to share with you a review of an app I was recently given the opportunity to review, Men’s Fitness UK. This review was requested by the publisher.


Thanks for getting in touch about reviewing Men’s Fitness new app and subscription. You can download the app for free from iTunes now and we’ll sign you up for a free digital subscription so you can get the full experience. You are also very welcome to offer a digital subscription as a prize to give away.

Let me start by saying that in my general experience, most exerciser magazines, and apps for that matter, are generally very generic and generally not that useful. As well, I have also found that many iPhone workout apps, especially those connected to publications, are overpriced and under-informed! This was not the case with the Men’s Fitness UK app! I found that the app downloaded easily, via the iTunes Store, and the cover and index were well placed. I also enjoyed the fact that the workout calendars, or form guides for exercises, were packed full of useful information; the app gives the viewer the appearances of being face-to-face with an actual trainer in the privacy of one’s own home!

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The app also features a section called “My Fitness Instructor,” which offers a park-based workout class, and simulates an outdoor workout regime and was just awesome. The app also caters to all fitness levels, from the basic to the more disciplined militaristic stylings, without being overly grueling or being too regimented. Being a first-timer to the app, I choose to view the basic Workout section, and I was presented twenty different classes and demonstrations, all with experiences trainers; this aspect of the app allows you to grow with the app right along with your increased fitness training! From Cardio, Muscle, to Training Both, I choose Cardio. There is a 15-minute session for everyone. There is also a clever Start My Workout heart rate monitor as well! With extensive abs, back, chest, arm and leg workouts to help you burn fat and build muscle, Men’s Fitness will help you reach your fitness goals whatever your level.

With more than five million exercise combinations, there is something for everyone, and the best part is that the app is only a one-time fee of $2.00, which includes the magazine and the app as well! Thanks to My Fitness Instructor, the iPhone has finally become a device that can help you make serious fitness gains. You can also check out the apps selection of Men’s Fitness content for free, or buy individual issues for $2.99 for the magazine itself.

Points to note, the app is available on iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Android devices. The MyPages Tool and Video Sharing option, an option to share workouts with friends and on social media outlets, is fully-integrated and is included in the app for free! There is also a new diet and nutrition advice column, as well as interviews with some of the world’s biggest sports and movie stars including Chris Hemsworth, Usain Bolt, Henry Cavill, Michael Phelps, Hugh Jackman and Chris Evans!

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What’s even better is that Men’s Fitness UK is offering one reader a complementary app and 12-issue magazine subscription!

To enter, comment below on what you look forward to in a fitness app! I will be selecting one winner, at random, 3/17!

Good luck, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Men’s Fitness App Review & Reader Giveaway!

  1. I want my fitness app to have daily challenges, not just goals to meet. A challenge would help me stay on track to meet the goal.

  2. I would share this with my husband beause he has a hard time getting motivated to workout. That’s why I’m excited to win!

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