House Party: Host an AncestryDNA Family History House Party

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Calling all members! Be sure to click here to apply to Host an AncestryDNA Family History House Party!

With this party you will be able to celebrate your unique family history with friends and family by hosting an AncestryDNA House Party! AncestryDNA combines the latest in genetic science with® – the world’s largest online family history resource – to help you learn more about your unique ancestral history. Share your AncestryDNA journey and results with friends and family at your party by introducing them to food, music, decorations and fun games that will get everybody excited to find out their own family history, too!

This event is only open to US residents.

If selected and confirmed as a host, you’ll receive a FREE DNA kit ($99 value) and must commit to taking the DNA test and RETURN it to within 48 hours of receiving it.
In addition to your DNA kit, you’ll get a separate Party Pack from House Party, which will contain:

International-styled tablecloth
And so much more!

Good luck, everyone!

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