Greener Living Tip: Save $300.00 A Year By Unplugging Your Power Strips Nightly!

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Hello again, savvy savers! If your home is anything like mine, you have a myriad of electronical devices in every room of your house. Two years ago, when moving into a larger home I started to notice my electrical bills were skyrocketing! Upon calling my local electrical company, I was told to self-evaluate my home for “phantom drainers,” or electronic equipment that draws a continual supply of power when they’re plugged in but turned off; this causes a vampire drain of power and spikes in your consumption rates!

I began to try and find ways to shave dollars and cents off of my bill, which went from $110.00 a month to $190.00 this past summer, even under incrementalist billing implemented. What trick did I come up with? Power Strip with Switches. You can use a power strip with on/off switches to plug in your appliances. An example, I have a power strip in my living room, where my TV, DVD player, game system and sound system are all plugged into. I have another power strip in my office, where my computer, printer, paper shredder, lamp and phone charger are plugged in.

I invested in ENERGY STAR® power strips because, according to the Standby Power Data Center, a website from DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), which aids the general public to identify low standby power products, pulling plugs at night, via the unplugging of power strips, can help save the average homeowner 5-10% off residential energy use rates, whereas the average user would save $100 per year. In three months time, I have saved $48.10 off of my electrical bill!

You can realistically save upwards of $1.05 a day, and a savings of $328.25 yearly simply by unplugging power strips!

That’s an amazing savings! Before you go to bed, unplug your power strips! you’ll sleep better knowing all of the green savings you’ve generated!

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