Gift Closet Ideas: Dollar Tree Spring Break Basket!

Spring Break Basket

Good morning, savvy savers! If you are anything life myself, you are always coming up with new ideas on how to pinch your pennies, and save your cents! One way I have done this over the past few years is by starting a gift closet! Sure this area does not actually have to be a closet, per se, as it would be an area, shelf, bin, or the life, but in my home, I’ve dedicated a space for this practice and I’ve found it saves me hundreds a year! When I know a birthday, holiday, anniversary, church-function, neighborhood welcoming is on the way, I check with my closet to see if I have supplies, and if I do not… my first stop is the Dollar Tree!

This brings me to today’s post! I know several young ladies going on Spring vacation is the near future, and so I wanted to put together small baskets for them, with little happies, for their trip! I was able to do so at the Dollar Tree for $10.00 per gal! Here’s how:

1) I raided my gift closet and stockpile; I had free-with-coupon tanning lotions, lip balms, bronzers, and sunscreens which I picked up for each basket!

2) I went to my craft room and took an peel-and-stick initial, for each girl, which can be place on their baskets during vacation!

3) I then went shopping! At the Dollar Tree I was able to pick up packs of Crystal light, packs of plastic cups (which I divided up), tanning mats, cellophane for wrapping the baskets, baskets themselves, reading novels, gel face masks, aloe vera gel bottles, and small battery-powered blowing fans!

4) I used samples from the mail to stock their makeup bags with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face cream, perfume, and the like!

5) I assembled the baskets, included a note (stationery also bought at the Dollar Tree), wrapped them up, and had them ready to go!

Similar baskets online can cost upwards of $75.00 to be delivered, by baskets were $10.00! You have to love a gift-closet, Dollar Tree, couponing kind of gift!




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