Caring Through Couponing: Coups For Troops!


Hello again, savvy savers! I am starting a new series on my blog called Caring Through Couponing, and I wanted to dedicate the first post in this series to solving a huge problem most couponers have, what to do with expired paper and printed coupons.

Here at The Lady Prefers To Save, we donate coupons to Coups For Troops! Coups For Troops is a program where expired coupons can be mailed into the program, and they are in turn sent to military families, both domestic and stationed abroad. The premise of the program is that military families are able to use expired coupons, up to 6 months past expiration dates, your expired coupons can easily help relieve the financial burdon many military families face, keep more paper out of landfills, and helps get the word out about this effortless way to support our troops.

Another great aspect of the program is that they do not ask for any monetary compensation when sending in your coupons as you would directly to a base or community, but rather coupons are sent directly to the soldiers and their families, through drop-box volunteers; this ensures everyone gets a fair amount of quality coupons. As of the Summer of 2013, Coups for Troops have sent and received coupons to close to 750 families, in over ten countries, on a regular basis.

Here’s how you can get started as well:

1) Click here to find a location, closest to you, to mail your coupons.

2) You can also choose to be matched with an overseas family and send your coupons directly to that family. This saves lots of time and creates more efficiency.

3) Also, be sure and spread the word about Coups For Troops and our cause. We have ready-to-print flyers for you to post in your area.

4) For those go-getting, coupon-clipping heroes out there, you can also host a collection box in your area. Use a box with a lid, cut a slit in the top, print one of our flyers, and post your box at one of the suggested places above. Collect the coupons about once a month, organize them, and send them to military families.

5) Be consistent in your donations. Remember that coupons come and go, as does the commitment and drive some have in continued giving, but remember that the commitment of soldiers who strive daily and diligently in the ongoing task of protecting our freedoms, is without end; there will be a need for care packages overseas.

6) Before you send coupons, read this page! Procedures are important!

Thank you all for giving!
Here’s to Caring Through Couponing!

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