Enter to Win Hot Wheels Toys Sweepstakes!


Calling all Hot Wheels fans! Today through May 6th, click here to enter into the Hot Wheels Dare to Connect Sweepstakes. You could win 1 of 2,500 instant win prizes, including multiple different Hot Wheels tracks, car packs, and other products! Please note, that in order to enter you will need a code entry, and you can obtain a free code entry by clicking on the “Don’t have a code? Get one here” button on the page; this button is located under where it states “Your Special Code” tag..  What’s better, is that this very code will also enter you into the sweepstakes for a chance to win the Grand Prize, a room of your choice makeover in a Hot Wheels theme!

Additional details for the sweepstakes are as follows:

Instant Winner may receive:
200 First Prize: Dream Track Room consisting of fifteen multiple-track items (a $145 value!)
800 Second Prize: Track Item, including a basic car in pack (a $25 value!)
1,500 Third Prize: Stunt Item; one Track Essentials Item and one Basic Car (a $21 value!)

Sweepstakes Prizes include:
Grand Prize: Room makeover featuring a Hot Wheels theme (a $5,500 value!)

Also, there is a restricted limit of 65 instant-win prizes via valid codes throughout the entire promotion.

Good luck, everyone!


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